Support Areas

Equipment Room

The equipment room is a 25 x 10 foot area located on the lower level of the lab behind the strong wall. This area is used for storing and maintaining testing hardware such as hydraulic jacks and actuators.

Concrete Mixing Laboratory

The concrete mixing laboratory is a 22 by 20 feet glass walled area located on the lower level of the lab next to the strong floor. This area is used for production of concrete and support of different stages of the experiments at testing area. The lab is equipped with a 9-cubic-feet concrete mixer, a rapid freeze-thaw cabinet, a portable concrete compression test setup and other conventional concrete testing apparatus.

Concrete mixing laboratory



Materials Laboratory

The materials lab is located in room B2040 on the second lower level of the Science and Engineering Hall. The lab is equipped with MTS loading machines capable of performing tension, compression, bending, torsion and fatigue tests. They can apply up to 75 kilo pounds of force on concrete and steel specimens.

Materials laboratory